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What is Code Land?

Code Land is an educational app that teaches coding to kids from ages 4 to 10. By playing games in a very visual and fun way, children learn basic and essential skills to succeed in the 21st century such as science, programming, logic or algorithms. 

Kids learn programming from scratch to their own rhythm. With Code Land, they will master basic coding concepts such as pattern recognition, problem-solving, sequencing, logical thinking, loops, functions, conditionals, events, and many others!

An inclusive app to learn coding

Games and activities are specially designed and adapted to the level and abilities of each child so that no child is excluded. From visual games where you don’t even need to know how to read, to advanced programming multiplayer games

All games are designed to be attractive, fun, and educational. They are all set in a variety of situations, such as setting up a factory, getting out of a maze, making ice cream or playing platform games, there are games and topics suitable for all children! Children play and learn to code freely without pressure or stress: think, act, observe, ask questions and find the answers.

Why is learning to code good for kids?

Because learning programming and knowing the workings of a computer program or a robot are basic twenty-first-century educational skills. Acquiring knowledge about programming will provide them valuable and required skills to develop a successful professional career with future potential.

For the present

Nowadays, there are more and more experts who champion the idea of learning about coding and other STEM skills at a very young age: developing logic at an early age helps kids to solve problems and to develop critical thinking and creativity.

For the Future

Employees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) play a key role in the growth, economic stability and the future of Europe and other developed countries. For example, when we talk about employment rates in the US, one of the most developed countries and a first world power, STEM jobs are growing by 24% while other occupations are growing only by 4%. Also, STEM graduates have higher incomes.

However, the European Union has a gender gap in STEM, especially wide in information and communication technologies.

stem gender gap

Unfortunately, the gender gap in STEM doesn’t just affect the European Union. In the US, Computer Science and Engineering are the most dominant STEM fields by men, with 74% and 86% of employment respectively. Despite that, only about 28% of professionals working in STEM in the US are women. We must also take into account another alarming fact that other developed countries such as Australia and the United Kingdom have the same trend.

Giving women the same opportunities to pursue STEM careers helps to reduce the gender pay gap, increases the financial security of women, ensures a diverse and talented STEM workforce, and prevents biases in these fields and in the products and services which they produce.

Our aim is to reach all children, regardless of age, gender or abilities. To achieve this goal, Code Land is gender neutral and adaptive: with a first phase without text, and other phases with sequential difficulties and cross-platform learning.

Why should I choose Code Land?

We give you 10 reasons to choose Code Land among other apps to learn programming:

Learn coding from scratch

Adaptive learning

Gender neutral

Content for all ages

Perfect for non-readers

Logic challenges

Develop logical thinking and problem-solving

Multiplayer Games: Test your knowledge against other players

Unlimited coding activities

New content added regularly

Which skills will kids develop by learning code?


Critical thinking

Cause and  effect



Pattern recognition



Problem solving







Fine motor skills



What is in Code Land?

The app is made up of different lands: each land is special and hosts thrilling and fun challenges for different levels. Discover them all, they will surprise you!

Robot Factory


Flying Robot

Logic Land: This land is suitable for all ages and levels. Logic and ingenuity to learn, think and play.

IceCream Truck
Save the Cat
Super Robot
Pet Hospital

Precode Land: Coding activities for beginners! An introduction to programming and its most basic concepts: conditions, loops, functions, sequences, actions, and events. Its streets accommodate amazing and fun coding games where everyone can enjoy. They are specially designed to be suitable for all kinds of ages, kids do not have to know how to read to play them!

Super Robot 2
Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Coding Land: A good and entertaining entry into the world of coding and programming. Kids need to know how to read here, because the game interfaces contain text.

Crazy Popcorn
Angry Tomatoes
Fancy Race

Multiplayer Land: Here kids will find multiplayer games to test their knowledge. However, they must know how to read and have a minimum level of knowledge about programming. Before playing these games, they must visit the other lands first!

Gears & Water
Platforms 2D

Create Land: A new world where kids can code, create and share their own games in a fun and educational way. A place to play and create. Use your imagination and programming skills to code your own games, challenges and puzzles. If you like, you can share your creations with the rest of the world and play and solve challenges that other players have created.

Stacks & Queues

The Ferris Wheel
The Ghost Train

Fairground Booth

Where are they?

Mind Land: This land is filled with 5 fun and educational games and hundreds of new puzzles. Here kids can play and learn about Booleans, Patterns, Stacks, Inequalities and more.


I recommend it 100%. My kids play every week and have learned a lot. I can see that they’re better prepared for the future.

Noah Jackson, United States

This educational app is fantastic! My daughter never gets bored and is developing her logical thinking.

Étienne Chalamet, France

Thanks for making this app. My daughter loves Code Land. She’s already learned many things and continues to learn every day.

Li Ling, China


Learn key coding concepts

Develop logical thinking

New content added regularly

Several worlds and themes

Play offline

No downloadable content

Child-friendly interfaces

Hundreds of challenges

Content for 4 years old and up

No advertising

It does not collect private data

Cancel at any time

No written communication between players

Gender neutral

Supports multiple users

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